New Beginning

I was tired of my lifestyle. I was tired of going to school, coming home taking a nap, studying, and watching t.v until it was bedtime. In the mist of this breakdown, I heard my heart, or something within me whisper, “This that you are doing, writing, is what you’re missing”. It might sound crazy but it was right. I had bottled everything in for so long that it was eating my spirit for life away. Everything in my life had become a routine; I found no excitement in anything anymore and that is exactly what I was missing. Therefore I decided to create a blog, Glazed Soul.¬†

I needed something to pour my soul and heart into and now I have created it. If you find yourself in a similar situation I was in, spend some time with yourself. Discover what it is that you love, what is it that fills you with excitement, whatever it is, do it! If you love dancing, dance. If you love singing, sing. If you love taking pictures, take pictures. If you love tennis, go play some tennis. Whatever makes your heart race, do more of it. Bring love into your life. Most importantly love yourself, above all. If you feel as if even the smallest part of your body is missing life, do something about it. Don’t let yourself sink in a wave of sadness.

Therefore, Glazed Soul came to be. As to who I am, I have no idea but hopefully writing down everyday thoughts and ideas, we can all get a better idea of who we really are. I plan to grow, mold into the person I’m meant to be, and give more meaning to my life. My purpose you may ask? Simply, to inspire whoever wonders across this blog. I hope y’all come back and read my post on finding simplicity in everyday life and we start walking this crazy journey called life, together.




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